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Tips for Choosing A School Uniform Provider


Buying behavior has changed a lot over the last year. This has prompted many schools to reevaluate their apparel options so that parents are able to buy online. Schools also want apparel shipped to the parents directly versus schools distributing the apparel. If you are one of these schools, or if you just want to be better educated about the school uniform market, you’re in luck. Today, we have some tips for schools who are evaluating their uniform options from someone who has been in the school uniform space for multiple decades.

About Our Guest: Karen Silveira, Senior Account Executive, SquadLocker

Karen Silveira has worked in the school uniform and custom apparel industry for over 25 years.  She joined SquadLocker as a Senior Account Executive in 2019. Previously she was VP of Sales at Donnelly's School Apparel.

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School Pods, Microschools: WTF

School Pods, Mircroschools - WTF?

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