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A Teacher’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Educational System

September 11, 2020

Guest: Erin Girard, Class Quality Specialist, Outschool

We have seen medicine and technology advance by leaps and bounds in the last six months - who would have thought that buying cars from a vending machine would have taken off! The evolution of the education system has been equally dramatic. The logistics and safety changes have forced us, and given us an opportunity, to rethink how we’ve “always done it.” Today we will talk to Erin Girard, a teacher and Class Quality Specialist at Outschool, an online education provider, about the evolution in the educational system in the last five years, the growth spurt provoked by COVID, what’s to come in the next five, and what this all means for teachers and schools.

About Deb & Wes' Guest:

Erin Girard is an experienced classroom teacher with 20 years of experience teaching and working with children in a variety of settings including public schools, classroom teaching, special education, and outdoor education. Erin holds a B.A. and an M.Ed, has completed additional post-graduate work in Special Education, and has been a credentialed teacher for nearly 20 years. In addition to teaching on Outschool, she has helped to develop a curriculum for a science and art institute that serves homeschool students and others in the Santa Cruz, California area. In the summer of 2020, Erin and her family relocated to the Pacific Northwest where they are enjoying exploring their new surroundings.

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