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Best Practices for Managing Your School or PTA Social Media Account

October 16, 2020

Best Practices for Managing Your School or PTA Social Media Account

Ever wonder how to cut through the noise on social media? We will talk about how schools, PTAs and PTOs can connect with their audience, create engaging content, and effectively manage their social media accounts. We will be joined by social media veteran, Matthew Desilet, and it may surprise you to hear who he suggests should run your social media accounts.


About our guest, Matthew Desilet, Marketing Director, SquadLocker

Matt Desilet is Marketing Director at SquadLocker, a company that provides online tools for teams, organizations, and schools to manage custom apparel and equipment purchasing. After his first childhood nickname “Dez” stuck, he never went back. Matt is a growth and engagement strategist experienced in creating digital marketing campaigns, launching new products, and enabling sales + success teams. He is an experienced contributor, manager, and leader on agile marketing teams. Matt likes to focus on delivering data-driven results in a human-centered way. His first startup experience came in the form of gigging and recording with his band full-time. Having a seat on the startup rocket ship gives Matt the same vibe as watching his music take off and get into the hands of thousands of people. To slow things down, he enjoys building and tinkering with guitars at home. A proud Rochestarian, Matt supports the Buffalo Bills, Wegmans, and proper Buffalo chicken wings. Bleu cheese only, Ranch need-not apply.