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Educators and PTAs: Here’s How to Talk to Your Students About Money

March 12, 2021


Do you ever wonder why personal finance isn’t a course in K-12 education? As an elementary teacher, or upper-level math teacher, do you ever wonder what financial topics you should discuss with your students? If our goal is to produce children who are educated and ready for the world, including personal finance in a school’s curriculum, or having extracurricular activities that touch on this subject is necessary but not common. This episode discusses how schools, teachers, PTAs, PTOs, and school groups can work financial wellbeing into your K-12 curriculum or your school’s extracurricular activities.


About Our Guest: Rob Phelan, Maryland Math Teacher and Founder of the Simple Startup

Rob Phelan is an entrepreneur and high school personal finance teacher in Maryland. He is a Certified Financial Education Instructor by NCFE, author and Business Guide at The Simple StartUp, and co-creator of the ChooseFI PreK-12 Financial Education Curriculum.

Through his classroom work and Simple StartUp Virtual courses, Rob has helped beginner entrepreneurs form over 250 new businesses, across all different types of industries. The ChooseFI Curriculum has been used by hundreds of teachers across the United States and helped bring free financial education to many underserved populations when it comes to personal finance.

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