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Finding Hidden Treasure: Fun K-12 School Scavenger Hunt Ideas

January 15, 2021

The MultipurposeRoom - Finding Hidden Treasure

Whether you’re a teacher looking to spice up science, a principal looking to build morale amongst your staff, or a PTA or PTO looking to engage your community, a scavenger hunt is for you! Join us to hear tips for exciting missions, different ways to use scavenger hunts, and some best practices for fundraising. K-12 Clothing and GooseChase partner up for some ideas for beginners and experts alike.

About our guests: Eric Chiang and Joe Denomme

Eric is the Head of Marketing at GooseChase. He was introduced to the company after participating in his first game (and leading his team to victory!) while traveling in Central America. Having a love for all things competitive and a belief in the power of games to unite people, Eric is responsible for designing and creating content that helps teachers and event organizers everywhere make the most of their digital scavenger hunt experience.


Joe always considers himself the voice of the customer and has spent his career creating exceptional customer experiences in events, retail and financial products. Joe's main goal is to understand your vision and help you bring your dream hunt to life. In addition to his work with GooseChase, he coaches minor hockey in Toronto and is passionate about building positive team cultures, and having fun while crushing your goals. When he isn't working you can find him hiking, canoeing, or hitting any stand-up comedy show he can find.


This show is brought to you by K-12 Clothing. K-12 Clothing is a PTA-Dad created business focused on providing high-quality school apparel while increasing access to educational resources through fundraising in schools. Learn more at

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