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Gamifying Your 2021 Curriculum

December 18, 2020


Are you tired of asking your students to please turn on their camera? Are you left wondering how much they are absorbing? Do you need a new way to get your PTA members engaged? Game shows are a great way to review materials and get your audience highly engaged. It can also be a great way to get to know your parent community. Join us in this episode where we get step-by-step instructions on how to execute a game show from an online game host who has been creating, and running, online games for over four years.

About Our Guest:

When Michael is not managing the family business finances and personnel, he spends much of his time sharing his love of technology with his online communities. Michael has a passion for technology and helping others grasp the often difficult concepts of the tech world including software and hardware. As an early adopter of livestreaming since 2012, Michael has grown a following for his help videos on YouTube, and uses a suite of hardware and software products to produce an online game show seen by viewers world wide all from his home studio. His ability to manage an hour long, live production by himself, rivals that of high end productions seen on television.  Each week to create what many would call a first class show, Michael uses production streaming software such as, but not limited to, OBS, VoiceMeter, Zoom, Streamyard, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Restream, Elgato, and Google sheets. All of this is done live while hosting the full panel of contestants and an online audience. Michael has helped thousands of individuals, educators and business owners use and understand the growing Google product field as a Google Product Expert since 2015.  Michael enjoys learning new things as they become available and then passes that knowledge on to those who are equally anxious to be a part of the latest thing.  Michael continues to create videos, conduct workshops, live stream episodes of his weekly technology show, teach and guide individuals through his online community.  Check him out at


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