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Giving Thanks to Our Teachers: Ways to Support Teacher Well Being

November 25, 2020

Giving Thanks to Our Teachers: Ways to support teacher well-being

In celebration of the school breaks, giving thanks, and giving back, we wanted to drop this special episode about investing in our teacher. We hope that people will take the downtime to invest in themselves and the education community around them.

About our guest:

Rebecca Arnold is the CEO of Root Coaching & Consulting, LLC  Rebecca is a certified, professional coach, speaker, and writer. She supports her clients to transform into their most powerful and purposeful selves, to amplify their impact in the world, and to thrive personally and professionally. She works with organizations, including school systems, law firms, and tech, that are committed to supporting their people. Her clients are leaders that hail from the domains of health, education, law, social justice, mental health, and entrepreneurship. Her professional experience spans policy, government, law, non-profit organizations, and the education sector. She holds a JD from Northeastern University, a BA from Brown University, and is a certified, professional Co-Active© coach. She is the mom of two children and lives in the Northeast.


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