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How to Run a Successful School Auction: Tips from an Auction Chair

April 23, 2021


Calling all school auction chairs, leaders, and volunteers. Auction season is in full swing so we are bringing you a multi-year auction chair who will share her top tips for a successful auction. Hear how you should structure your committee, top selling items, and what you should and shouldn’t do on the day of your auction.


About Our Guest: Christina Linezo, Auction Chair and Realtor

Christina is a mom of three currently living in Orinda, California. She is heavily involved in her children’s schools and has volunteered and participated in multiple ways - serving in various board positions, as Room Parent, volunteering in the classroom and on field trips, and organizing and leading a variety of class and all-school events, social opportunities, and fundraisers - including the school auction! She is a former educator herself, with a BA in Arts Education. Christina worked at a Children’s Museum in San Francisco with K-12 students and also designed and implemented their Early Childhood program. She has since transitioned to a successful career as a Realtor in the beautiful San Francisco East Bay. 


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