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Learn to speak Millennial, Gen X, and iGen

December 3, 2020

Learn to speak millennial, GenX and iGen

Are you resonating with your audience? Do you worry that your PTA isn’t reaching all the children? With your parent and membership body being made up of 3-5 generations, a one-sized fits all communication strategy is no longer effective. This episode features tips on how to speak to each generation with special guest, Dillon Kalkhurst, a known speaker and author on communicating to multiple generations.


About Our Guests

Guest Bio: Dillon, a Gen X-Boomer “Cusper” consults with Fortune 500 companies, school districts, PTAs, and national nonprofit organizations to help them engage their multi-generational employees, parents, volunteers, and customers.  Dillon is an

Intergenerational Engagement Maven and author of the book, GENERATION EVERYONE! A Guide to Generational Harmony at Work, School, and Home. He founded The Center for Intergenerational Engagement to support the findings in his book.


Prior to completing his book, he enjoyed an educational marketing and strategic partnerships career where he served as executive director of strategic partnerships and community development at Scholastic. While at Scholastic, Dillon created company-wide strategies to help the 100-year-old children’s publisher engage their 1.6 million Millennial parent volunteers and 60 million Gen Z customers. Dillon is currently the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for MemberHub where he develops relationships that help PTAs, PTOs, and Parent Booster Clubs maximize parent communications, increase family engagement, and raise passive fundraising income through social impact partnerships.


In addition to writing and speaking, Dillon is also a professional photographer, video storyteller,  and teen mental health advocate. He lives in Ormond Beach, Florida with his wife Linda, son and future special-ed teacher, Jordan and the family pet “Frank the Beach Pug.”


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