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Making Your Donation Fundraisers Succeed

July 23, 2021


If you are looking for some new fundraising ideas and ways to make them successful, you’re in the right place. This episode will share ways to make pledge-based and donation-based fundraisers a success. Our guest, Claire Seymour, will also give you some info about a new fundraising idea: a kindness fundraiser.

About Our Guest: Claire Seymour, Marketing Director, Raise Craze

Claire Seymour is the Marketing Director for Raise Craze: Fundraising Through Kindness. A wife & mother of two based out of Greenville, SC, she has seen first hand the positive change schools have achieved by switching to a more meaningful, responsible way to fundraise. Previously in government affairs, coming to Raise Craze in 2015 has allowed her to continue pursuing her passion for advocacy & change - in this case, within the fundraising industry. She looks forward to seeing how schools and organizations continue to implement more inclusive, community-centered, and financially responsible fundraisers.

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