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Planning and Executing a Successful Hybrid School Auction

April 30, 2021


Much like the rest of the educational system, the school auction has changed dramatically over the past year. If you’re an auction chair or parent teacher group leader wondering where to start with your online or hybrid auction or how to be successful on the day of, this is the episode for you. We will talk to two auction experts about online auction technology, how to shop for auction technology and how to be successful on the day of your auction.


About Our Guests: Simon Wells, Xcira and Roger Devine,

Simon Wells, Business Lead: Global Sales and Marketing, Xcira

Simon Wells was born in the UK and has worked in the auction world for over 20 years. Now resident in the US, he heads up the sales and marketing, for Xcira, the world’s leading auction technology provider.

His work takes him around the globe, from South Africa to New Zealand, and his company systems sell everything from $350m paintings in Paris to goats and sheep in Namibia.

Simon in his position, has seen the emergence of technology brought to bear on one of the oldest selling methodologies, and has a unique perspective on this fascinating industry.


Roger Devine, co-Founder,

Roger Devine is a co-founder of Northworld, the developer and distributor of the award-winning auction-management software.  Before starting the company, Roger worked for many years in software, website development, and publishing.  He's chaired at least 30 auctions over the past 20 years (one loses count after a while), has served terms on the boards of several area non-profits, loves all dogs on the planet, and lives in Portland, OR.


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