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Tips for Hosting a Trivia Night School Fundraiser

November 6, 2020

Tips for Hosting a Trivia Night School Fundraiser

Is this a good or bad trivia night question: how many Division I college football teams does California have? And how do you use good trivia questions to make money for your school? Join us for a discussion with Matt Hammond, owner of Hambone’s Trivia, to answer these questions and more. We’ll talk about what makes a good trivia night, how to interview potential trivia night providers, and most importantly, how to maximize the money you raise for your school with your trivia night. 


As a bonus, listeners of the Multipurpose Room can earn a discount on trivia night by using a promo code that we share in this episode.

About our guest:

Starting in 2007, Matt Hammond “Hambone”, a former attorney, began writing custom trivia for his friends. He now pursues his passion for interesting things full time as the creator and owner of Hambone’s. Like Dolly, he tumbles outta bed and pours himself a cup of ambition every day to bring unique, custom-crafted experiences to your friends, businesses, and communities. You can find more information about Matt and his company at