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Tips for Teachers to Create Effective Parent Communications

January 22, 2021

Tips for Teachers to Create Effective Parent Communications

K-12 education teachers are really effective at connecting with, and engaging their students. But they don’t receive as much training and support as you might expect in speaking to parents. As a result, parent-teacher conferences and sending newsletters can be anxiety producing events. From finding content to finding your voice to how principals and superintendents can help, a former teacher and current communications expert joins us to provide tips on parent-teacher communications.

About our guest:

Lindsay Kapsa is a former educator, school administrator and expert innovator in the education tech industry for over a decade.  Currently, she is the VP of Strategy and Success for ClassTag, the leading parent-teacher communication platform. Her life long career in education and beloved role as mother of two has uniquely positioned Lindsay to help support the collaboration between parents, teachers and administrators to help all students succeed.


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